Daisy LSD - 3g - CBD 25% JustMary.fun.
Daisy LSD - 3g - CBD 25% JustMary.fun.
Daisy LSD - 3g - CBD 25% JustMary.fun.

Daisy LSD - 3g - CBD 25%

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Daisy LSD is a high quality Greenhouse product.

This inflorescence was chosen as a tribute to one of the most awarded genetics in the world of Cannabis. Due to its terpene profile very similar to the THC variant, Daisy LSD is the product designed to please the most experienced enthusiasts within the Italian and European CBD market.

Daisy LSD has an intense green color and reddish shades, with very compact and resinous flowers. The aroma of this Daisy is its strong point, intense and fruity at first glance, it recalls the scent of ripe strawberries and citrus fruits. In addition, this Daisy has a slight hint of pine and herbal notes.

The aftertaste of this DAISY is typically sweet and characterizes this unique phenotype, the effect is relaxing and recommended against everyday anxiety and stress.

Daisy LSD is beyond what you expect. This great tribute and a specially created tanning process ensures a product that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Not convinced?

Obviously the Daisy LSD was subjected to olfactory and visual tests as well as a full spectrum of analysis.

We only deal with superior products.

Daisy, the flowers of the past.