Lemon Caramel - 1g - CBD 30% JustMary.fun.

Hashish Afghan Charas - 3g - CDB 31%

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Hash Factory was born from an accurate study of cultures of Hashish from all over the world. Hash Factory unites craftsmanship  to old and new school techniques.

Hash Factory positions itself like yours Extract Boutique bringing to the market products for the most demanding customers, often disappointed by the CBD variants of Hashish currently present on the Italian and European market.


Classic Hash was born from the union of traditional solvent-free dry extraction techniques, combined with modern processes from the Frenchy Cannoli school. The soft and creamy texture and its brown shades make it comparable to a Charas method. The aromatic is sweet and citrusy.

The Classic Hash by Hash Factory is composed of only natural ingredients from Italian Biomass of Cannabis Sativa Linnaeus.