NEW SUPREME GOLDEN DAISY - 10 Grammi - CBD 25% - THC 0,5%
NEW SUPREME GOLDEN DAISY - 10 Grammi - CBD 25% - THC 0,5%

SUPREME GOLDEN DAISY - 10 Grams - CBD 25% - THC 0,5%

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Golden Daisy is a premium product grown in GreenHouse. These inflorescences are very compact and large, with an intense green color covered with amber and reddish hairs to which this product owes its name. 

The Golden Daisy has notes that strongly resemble hazelnut mitigated by a slight hint of citrus, the aftertaste is round, full and intense, typical of this important CBD genetics.

The Golden Daisy is beyond what you expect, a 10 Gr. Format has been chosen for the most assiduous and loyal customers, moreover the good appearance and a tanning process specially created for this variety ensures a product that lives up to expectations even the most demanding noses.

Not convinced?

Obviously, the Golden Daisy was also subjected to olfactory and visual tests as well as a full spectrum of analysis.

We only deal with superior products.

Daisy, the flowers of the past.
Pack of 10 Grams

TCH 0.5% within the legal limits