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Mecannabis is a startup that was born in 2017, with the aim of cultivating Cannabis Sativa (Light) in a controlled environment. Thanks to the latest legal regulations passed in December 2016, the possibility of growing cannabis sativa, low in THC, has also opened up in Italy.
The first timid "liberation" of the cannabis market, unthinkable until then, has in fact helped to create new segments of the economy, in which a start-up like ours finds the favorable conditions to be able to root its development.
legalweed LEGALWEED is a project to support Cannabis Light without psychotropic effects.

LEGALWEED is a project that is born from the collaboration of international experts in the Cannabico sector that treats Cannabis Light. Our products are obtained from indoor and outdoor organic cannabis crops selected from the certified and licensed varieties for cultivation in Europe.
At Weedzard, we strive daily to ensure first-choice services and products. From Cannabis Light to CBD oil and other CBD products for wellness. We are constantly looking for the highest quality to meet any need.
CBWEED was founded in Forlì in September 2017 by the idea of 9 professionals from different sectors, with a passion in common: that for hemp and its boundless worlds. After the opening of the first official shop in Forlì in October of the same year, several inaugurations took place in a few weeks and CBWEED arrived to skirt the whole of Emilia-Romagna, soon expanding even outside.
GreenToGo is born from our passion for adventure, well-being and nature.
Driven by the desire to spread knowledge about the world of Cannabis Light in Italy, thanks to our experience in the USA, we decided to launch our products so that everyone could benefit.