Salvini against cannabis light. But can he really do it? What the law and the Cassation say

But will cannabis light stores really close following a Salvini directive? And are the first three stops imposed by the Macerata police headquarters a consequence of Salvini? There is perhaps too much confusion and overlap of news of a different nature.

Everything starts from the statements by the interior minister, who said he will close all marijuana derivatives stores as drug dealers. Adding that the first three closures have already been decided in the province of Macerata. True, but certainly not a direct consequence of Salvini's words. These stores were selling real marijuana, so checks are welcome.

The 2016 law is limited to 0.6
The sale of cannabis light is regulated by a 2016 law and is based on a basic principle: the trade in hemp products is allowed as long as their Thc content (i.e. the substance that gives psychotropic effects) is lower than 0.6%. To make a comparison, a real joint contains approximately 5-8% of thc. But if there is a law that regulates an entire commercial sector, it seems difficult that a minister could "disapply" it by signing a letter to prefects and commissioners, until proven otherwise in Italy there is a parliament that legislates, not a ministry.

The Macerata case: violated the law
So how do you explain the three closures of cannabis light stores in the province of Macerata? This was explained in a press conference by the commissioner of the Marche city Antonio Pignataro: the owners were surprised to sell cannabis inflorescences that exceeded the aforementioned 0.6% of Thc.

The green light of the Cassation
But in the offensive declared by Salvini against them, the chain stores have another shield against which to defend themselves: last January the cassation ruled that the sale of light marijuana products is legal, canceling a seizure which occurred against a Prato store.  The important thing is to be able to demonstrate at all times that the famous 0.6% ceiling is respected and that the raw material comes from legal crops, as Justmary does by showing the analyzes at each check.A further ruling by the Supreme Court, this time in united sections, is expected at the end of May.