Cannabis • When to use CBD oil?

When to use CBD oil?


Which product to choose? 

These are just some of the questions we receive most often about cannabidiol and CBD oil.

Are you wondering when you should use it and how to dose it properly?

CBD, by whom is Cannabidiol used?

CBD is used by a very large audience of consumers,sports, Ordinary people for the most diverse needs,anxiety, stress, to improve one's mental and physical well-being, up to those who turn to Cannabidiol fortherapeutic needs.

CBD has actually entered people's daily lives.

CBD, when to use it?

To make the most of the properties of Cannabidiol it is important to take it constantly, in the medium term we will be able to appreciate the properties. Therefore constancy is the first warning to keep in mind.

CBD, how much to take?

The amount of CBD to be taken is very subjective, it depends on individual needs, the metabolism of CBD being involved in many physiological processes as a modulator of other systems, not only the endocannabinoid one, is very subjective.

Listening is the right answer, starting from a few drops and thus looking for the dose necessary for your individual needs.

Obviously, if it is used for specific pathologies, it is important and recommended to consult a doctor, there are also people who need a higher concentration of Cannabidiol.

CBD, how to have the dosage under control

You know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you take each time you swallow a capsule.

A fundamental aspect also for those who intend to try a first approach to Cannabidiol and find in Capsules an ideal solution.
Odorless and with a mild cannabis flavor, each capsule contains 33.6 mg ofCBDof our hemp oil.

Fields and hemp oil

A quality hemp oil is the result of carefully selected hemp varieties that produce high concentrations of CBD. Plants must have a good soil in which to grow, a fundamental element to find an optimal final result.

In some cases, where necessary, organic fertilizers are used.

Hemp grown naturally, unlike other crops, is the best possible raw material for the extraction of these molecules.

We avoid the intensive exploitation of the soil, and always respect the natural cycle of the plant, without forcing. This is where an excellent end product comes from.