Cannabis oil for dogs and cats: when to use it and what the positive effects are

Cannabis can also be used to treat our 4-legged friends. If in the United States the use of CBD and THC are already quite widespread among veterinarians, given the legalization of the substance, in our country it is still a very rarely applied practice, although CBD is currently marketable. But what is therapeutic cannabis for dogs, cats and other pets? In what cases can it be administered? And what are the effects?

CBD, what is it
When we talk about CBD we refer to cannabidiol, a metabolite that is not psychoactive (as is TCH that acts on psychic processes), which has relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects and for this reason it is used as an adjuvant in case of diseases that involve pain, but it is also useful for limiting epileptic seizures.

CBD for dogs
In the wake of the use of CBD to treat humans, some veterinarians, especially in the United States where use has been legal for some time, are administering the substance to dogs that do not react adequately to the pharmacological treatments normally used. Even in Italy there are those who started this path already obtaining important results.

CBD in Italy, the case of the veterinarian
The veterinarian says she has chosen to treat some dogs with CBD obtaining satisfactory results even on cases where normal therapies were not giving results. The main diseases for which he recommends using CBD are:

cognitive deficits in older dogs and cats
neurological diseases
Anxiety / Stress
gastrointestinal tract problems
autoimmune diseases

The most striking clinical cases
The adventure with the CBD for the veterinarian was born with her dog which, as she says, after 4 days of therapy already showed evident improvements: “Seeing a 17 year old dog who behaves as if he were 5/6 years younger, it opens your heart and everyone must be well like this. "