No seizure if thc below 0.5%

REMEMBER THAT ALL PRODUCTS SOLD FROM JUSTMARY TO MILAN - MONZA - TORINO - FIRENZE are all below 0.5% thc. The analyses are available.

No seizure if the Tch level does not exceed 0.5%. This is the judgment issued by the Genoa Review Tribunal on light cannabis. The judges' decision is the first since the Supreme Court ruled on May 30, which wrote in black and white that the law does not allow the sale or sale of products "derived from the cultivation of cannabis", such as oil, leaves, inflorescences and resin.

No seizure if Thc less than 0.5%

The story arises from the seizure in a shop in Rapallo, last June 3rd, of blooms, vials of oils, packs of herbal teas and leaves made from sativa hemp. The trader, defended by the lawyer Salvatore Bottiglieri, had opposed it by addressing the Review. The judges proved him right by arranging the return of the goods. According to the Genoa judges, there is a lack of a rule that determines what percentage of the active ingredient makes a product with psychotropic effectiveness.

Stop cannabis sativa

The Supreme Court has ruled that products containing sativa cannabis but lacking drug capacity can be sold. The only reference, at the moment, is a circular of the Ministry of the Interior of 2018, interpreting law 242 of 2016, which says that among the drug-related inflorescences that exceed 0.5%. This percentage, the review points out, "remains the only parameter for potential psychotropic efficacy." For this reason, the pm can not seize all the goods but, if in doubt, take individual samples to be analyzed and, in the case of a higher threshold, at that point proceed to the seizure