Hashish and marijuana: all the differences

Often, the terms cannabis, hashish and cannabis light they are erroneously used. They are in many people to think that there should be the same thing, when in truth it is not quite like that. Objective of this post is that of doing clearness, explaining all the differences that are between hashish and marijuana, above all for this that concerns effects and benefits. We leave, nevertheless, from the cannabis definition.

That what is the cannabis?
The cannabis is a plant characterised by three subspecies

It indicates

In height terms, this plant can skim 3 metres. Besides, it is marked by toothed leaves. What to say about his utilisation? The cannabis, historically, has been used in the pharmacological, textile field and psicotropo.

Besides, through the cannabis it is possible to produce a resin that it can contain up to 20 flavonoidi, 60 cannabinoidi and 100 terpenoidi.

Marijuana and hashish to comparison
In the moment in which the cannabis starts flowering, the energies are focused principally on the development of the tops. In the first place, it will be necessary to pick up them. Later on, it will be needed to tan them. In duration terms, the whole procedure goes to the 2 up to 3 months, according to the type of cannabis and of the cultivator.

The inflorescence, once dried, is put in commerce under shape of marijuana, in our case legal marijuana, which will be consumed like cane. About the intensity of the effects of the marijuana, the smokers appreciate particularly the tops apicali, in all that particularly developed, so like the central components.

If actually for marijuana there understand each other the ripe flowers that are picked up by the plant of the cannabis, for hashish, instead, it becomes a reference to the tricomi, whose extrapolation involves directly the flowers.

The resin, which accumulates in the whole development process, is separated from the tops manually or alternatively by means of sophisticated procedures of chemical or mechanical nature.

If the grass top can be listed like vegetable matter, the hashish is characterised for different aspects. Based on the procedure of used extrapolation, there hashish typology is different. It goes away the first one to semi-solid state to the second one, more soft. As well as the different hardness levels, it is needed to hold then I tell also of several tonality, from that one black to that one chestnut, without forgetting that one yellow and that one red.

The techniques to the vanguard in the field of the production of marijuana have done nothing but help to give greater shine to the hashish oils. Today more than never, these last are ultra-popular. In the specific thing, drawn of concentrates extremely powerful that can have evaporated or consumed by means of the bong help. As a rule, it is possible to maintain that the oils, so like the concentrates, are tested, on the one hand to monitor the reached power level, but at the same time also to value the reached purity level, by means of them several extrapolation techniques.

That what is the THC?
For THC the principal substance knows a lot about character psicoattivo, presently in the cannabis. In the moment in which it is smoked, swallowing it or vaporizing it, an interaction is recorded with several present receptors in the brain and in the body. Do it result? There effects are different. Numerous researches during the years have in more occasions demonstrated that the prolonged THC utilisation brings damages to the health. It is said, nevertheless, that in toxicity terms, the level is rather low. This means that to be harmful, this substance is used in dosages rather elevated.

It is then also positive effects that spurt from the acceptance of the THC. Between these, it is worth the punishment to cite:

He treats of the glaucoma
Decrease of the symptoms due to the multiple sclerosis
He treats of the lack of appetite involved by massive dosages of medicines assumed during the cycles of chemotherapy.

Power of the THC
Since the hashish is the resin extracted by the flowers contained the greatest quantity of cannabinoidi, it results from it that the THC content will result always and, in any case, greater compared to that present time in the tops. The smokers find immediately the differences between the smoke of the hashish and that of the marijuana, since in the first case the mind tends to be brighter. The tastes, instead, in case of the marijuana prove to be more floral and less earthy.

Going down in the details, in the moment in which marijuana is smoked, the THC concentrations occupy a position around 15 % / 21 %. When hashish is smoked, the power of the THC goes up dizzily, reaching values between 20 % and 60 % on average. It is still varied processes of extrapolation that allow to touch woodpeckers equal to 99 %. This, nevertheless it does not mean that to smoke only the tops involves effects psicoattivi of inferior entity. Tutt' ’alltro. In terms of concentration of THC, the hashish exceeds decidedly the marijuana, since the process of extrapolation of the tricomi is made really by the tops.

That what is the CBD?
Drawn of the most diffuse second cannobinoide. The cannabis contained an elevated quantity of CBD ensures therapeutic benefits, without the sensations of euphoria or of lethargy you cause the TCH. In the legal hemp, there is present the CBD that proves to be excellent to deal in efficient way with numerous medical symptoms, between which:

Muscular spasms
Chronic pains
Been of anxiety
There are different studies that they highlight as this cannobinoide does an eminent work when it is a question of hindering several tumours, like for example the diffusion of the metastasis to the breast.

cannabis light, marijuana and hashish to comparison: which are the differences?
The cannabis does reference to the plant in the totality. That is to say roots, stalk, flowers and leaves. Distinction is not even done between the contents and the purposes.
The marijuana does reference to the flowers of the plant that contain a high quantity of active beginnings. These are dried in the first place and only later on smoked to medical reason or with recreational purposes.
Hashish: it is a product of pollens and resin of the cannabis, containing an elevated quantity is of CBD than of THC.
Sativa hashish and hashish indicates to comparison
The effects of the hashish produced by a pure plant of sativa are confirmed more and more light of those products with a plant it indicates. To be struck more in case of the sativa, in fact, it is the brain. The high, then, is more creative and rich in inspiration. Instead, the hashish indicates is characterised for an effect that it tightens to intontire be the body that the mind.