3 Amazing facts about cannabis that you definitely don't know.

The history of cannabis, a plant with unique and ancient, is full of facts and anecdotes that leave you all speechless. Starting from its amazing properties, not only recreational but above all, therapeutic.

For this, we picked 3 interesting trivia on the hemp plant.

hemp plant in

The first car powered by hemp ethanol.

Do you know the famous car the "Ford"? Here it is!
The creator of the Ford (Henry Ford) in 1937, he designed the first prototype of the Ford-powered ethanol hemp, extracted from the seeds of the plant!

The car, 100% eco-friendly, there already existed more than 70 years ago. Its name was "Hemp Body Car", and it had beenbuilt mainly withcellulose fibres in a biodegradable derived from hemp , sisal and wheat straw, but - above all - powered byhemp ethanol. 

The different sectors in which we can use hemp for.

Hemp, with its 50,000 derivatives that range from biodegradable plastic to clean fuel, from paper to textile fibre, ecological, from the construction materials are very resistant to paints, non-polluting, from natural cosmetics to food balanced is capable to replace all the consumer products.

The president of the United States George Washington cultivated and consumed marijuana.

According to some researchers, George Washington used Marijuana to relieve the pain caused by her teeth. But.. it is Not the only president to have done so! Even Kennedy used it to treat his back pain.

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